Welcome to my Traditional Chinese Feng Shui site to help you discover its ancient art and science.

Feng Shui is , nowadays, accessible to all and gives us all the tools to enhance our home and work.

Feng Shui can be used to  improve many areas of your life, health, family, prosperity, love, work and relationships. I can help you achieve more balanced life by providing a better flow of beneficial energies.



Feng shui is intended for individuals and professionals who want to improve their quality of life and their habitat (businesses, shops, offices).



To aligne the energies of your home or workplace following  a change in life (moving, new child, new spouse, departure, divorce, illness, death, new employee) to optimize the performance of your business to improve your way of life and achieve your goals in  health, family, prosperity, love or relationships to choose ,if buying, the best apartment, house, land to best position a house on a plot or for the realization of architectural plans for a new construction or completion of renovation to learn how to position the water inside (fountain) and outdoors (pond, fountain, pool) because water is a potent activator of energy.

The aim is to harmonize you with the place  where  you live or work and remove any negative energy so that you reap  the benefit of your environment.



I have been a piano teacher since 1978 and I am pleased to provide this education to children and adults so that they can express themselves through music. I have attended two training courses in Western Feng Shui, and then turned to traditional Chinese Feng Shui. I got my certificate and diploma from the Institute Expert DAO, which is the traditional teaching Taoist Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai of Yap Cheng Hai Academy in Malaysia.

I am trained in energy therapies on the subtle bodies (auras) and their treatment as well as the harmonization of the chakras. I feel very close to animals and nature, which I love and respect.